Sleep is Temptation

Sleeping is always a dilemma for students like me. It seems as if I never got the ideal 7-8 hours of sleep that I want or used to have. Most of the time, the assignments and reviews would keep me up all night, and I fall asleep at around 10:30am-12 midnight. If it's a weekend, I would still end up sleeping late instead of making up for lost sleep. Reasons would be from Tumblring on the Net or movie marathon with my dorm crew.

I learned not to sleep after one hour when you're done with dinner. Let two hours pass first before sleeping. I now how important sleep is for the body. This summer break, I am sleeping far too long until the afternoon. It's not healthy. I know that.

Knowing how unhealthy this is, these are my solutions:

1. Study earlier instead of dilly-dallying

2. Sleep earlier and sleep better

Sleep is always a student's problem, but changing some habits can help me sleep better.