Need your report, please!

Need your report, please!
Would you notice that within those webpages, there are really some webpages which looks like ads presented arbitrarily? There are some webpages which even looks like the ads for counterfeit consumer goods? Since there is lack of human resource, we can not check all of those web, those web pages, and those linkages.
We even think of deleting them at all. However, considering the efforts made by those bloggers, we leave it as is till today.
Could you report any page which does intellectual property infringement in this web?
Could you report any page which is promoting counterfeit consumer goods in this web?
If we got your report, we will delete that page, and we will delete that account as well.
You could simply report here, as a comment, on this page.
Or you could email us. However, we are not going to reply you since the hands here is really not enough.
Many thanks for your time.