Transition beam forming section for tube mill

A transition forming unit for a tube mill machine is provided for forming a strip into a generally annular shaped cross-sectional configuration. The forming process is performed by a plurality of roll assemblies mounted on at least a pair of spaced longitudinally extending beams, one disposed on each side of the longitudinal axis of the forming unit. The beams are mounted to rotate about their longitudinal axis and are horizontally and vertically adjustable.
This invention generally relates to pipe milling machine and, more particularly, to an intermediate transition beam section for forming a strip of metal having a U-shaped cross-sectional configuration into a tube typically having an annular cross-sectional configuration.In the manufacture of steel tube mill from a flat strip of material, the use of materials having high yield strength has created problems in the forming operation. More specifically, the high yield strength of the metal strip tends to cause the section being formed to "spring back" thereby causing an undesired cross sectional configuration presenting alignment of the material being formed prior to its entry into the succeeding forming roll sections, such as passing from the transition section to the fin roll section of the mill.
The present invention overcomes the above described, as well as other, problems of the prior art and is considered to be an improvement over the apparatus disclosed in the aforementioned patent, by providing a steel pipe machine having a transition forming section disposed between the outlet of the initial forming section and the inlet to the fin roll section which assures the proper universal alignment.