Let’s build our own site !

                        Netizens' site. Our own website.
You could establish this site as whatever a site as you prefer!
Let’s build an internet citizens own site together here!
You have been invited to create every kind of webpages, to employ every means you could think of, to make this site one of your favorites, provided that you abide by the laws.
So, no infringement, NO counterfeit consumer goods in this site.
No pornography nor porn in this site. Thanks.
To those infringements, there is no tolerance here, please report us if found and we will get rid of them.
We suppose we are avoiding spammers, and we promote real bloggers, but certainly what we did is not enough.
We especially dislike those low quality of ad pages.
Any older ad related contents, ad related comments, will be deleted !
Only nice ads will be kept !
Please grant us your great idea about how we can attract nice pages.
Let’s build a site which you really like. Thanks for your support.