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Since the ranking system here is based on total number of the meaningful comments the page got, any comment looks as lack of common sense and logic, any comment seems to be ad, any comment is made of web linkage only, any comment with same content appears repeatedly, any comment looks like spam, and any comment does not suit the policy or principle of this web, will be deleted. Thanks for your efforts to make meaningful comments.

We are going to recommend some nice blogs in some way. If any viewer thinks any blog is nice, would you simply make a comment below that blog. After we got your recommendation, we will try our best to share your view with others. At this moment, we gladly recommend Mason's blog, zhangxiaohe's blog. To attract our attention from so many comments, better your recommendation is titled: recommend this page or similar. Many thanks for your reading and recommending.

If getting more recommendations, the author can show pictures in his/her page.
If still getting high recommendation, the author can get more features to make more attractive pages.