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A Little Secret to Help You Sell More Costume Jewelry

Let's talk about that unique twist that can turn your handmade jewelry into truly special pieces that are sure to attract a buyer.

Here's a good example from a recent craft show:

Costume Jewelry Customs Among Eastern Western Women

My first introduction to American culture, as it pertains to costume jewelry, began at the age of sixteen when I was working at a jewelry store in the mall in Connecticut. In stark contrast to my own upbringing, I discovered that getting pierced ears was almost considered to be risqué and was often discouraged by parents, in young girls. I watched with fascination as little girls came into the store with their mothers, begging to get their ears pierced.

Wholesale Jewelry Supplies Booth Aspects

A good wholesale jewelry supplies booth is not as easy to achieve as you might at first think. There exist several elements to running one well and for maximum profit. A badly positioned and badly presented jewelry booth can earn just a fraction of one following the advice of a decent instruction manual.

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